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Here are some of the services I offer:
Audio Mixing


Other than recording the song, this is probably the most important step. 

It's where I take a lot of time and effort to make sure the sounds and vocals in your song are balanced and are staying where they should. I also add things like compression, EQ, limiting and reverb to make your song sound correct for it's genre and give it "life".

Audio Mastering


This is the final step for your songs before they are sent out into the world. Most people would say this is where you try to make the song "LOUD". When mastering, I like to keep the "dynamics" of the song intact while giving it the proper EQ, compression and limiting to make it stand out. When you have multiple songs that are going on the same project, they have to all sound like they belong together. Mastering is basically where that happens. 

Audio Editing


This is often the most time-consuming step. Not every song needs tons of editing. Some songs don't require editing at all. On the other hand, some songs require DAYS worth of editing to get the sound correct. This is where most engineers would "tap-out". I love editing songs so it doesn't bother me one bit. 

Sound Design


When you go to the movies or play a video game, there may be hundreds or thousands of sounds that had to be created from scratch for that piece. 

That dinosaur roar, engine growl, alien speaking? Someone had to create that! That's sound design and I love doing that stuff! 

Music Production

This is creating a song from scratch. In my personal opinion, this the most important step after actually writing the song. This step is where I would arrange the song parts, pick and play the instruments, create the drum patterns, all of this happens at this step. This is literally creating the music for your song. 

Vocal Production

A lot of recording artists aren't even aware they even need vocal production. Even if you're a great singer or rapper, you can benefit from having a trained, objective ear listening to what you're doing and giving suggestions on how you should deliver a certain line or phrase. This could be the thing that takes the song from being "good" to "amazing".

Production Lessons

This is a service I wish someone would have given me when I was younger. When I first started out, I had to pick up bits and pieces of information while learning by trial and error, basically making a lot of bad music until I could figure out how to make something that sounded decent. Sometimes, you just need someone to sit with you and walk you through, step by step, to really understand. 

Instrumental Lessons

One of the greatest things to help my personal journey as an instrumentalist, was (and still is) private instruction with a great instructor. If you take the time to practice what your instructor tells you, you can achieve amazing results! I'd love to help get you going or help take you to the next level in your playing. 

Some of the other things I can do are:

  • Production Management

  • Online Distribution 

  •  Sheet Music Transcription

  • Audio Equipment Installation and        Integration

  • Live Sound Engineering 

"Where are the prices for your services?"

I didn't put the prices on the website because every project is different. Some projects are fairly easy and I price them accordingly. Some projects are very time intensive and I also take that into consideration when pricing those services. Please contact me regarding 

the service you would like me to provide and I can quote you a price. 

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