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Growing up in a musical household, where both parents were musicians, it was easy for me to pick the musical path. My earliest memories contain and are all centered around music. From my mom sitting me beside her on the piano bench to learn "chopsticks", my dad playing his antique saxophone to my older brother's giant boom box that would literally shake the pavement, I've been engulfed in music from day one. 


Chicago, IL, where I grew up was, and still is, rich in musical history. Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Hip Hop, Latin Music, Roots Reggae can all be heard on the streets of Chicago. I remember my parents taking me to all sorts of festivals and parades where there were different cultures and people that would come together and make incredible sounds. I didn't realize at the time that I was literally immersed in music from all sides and was receiving an invaluable amount of musical education. 

Like many African American musicians from Chicago, I honed my skills in the Church. Chicago is widely known for the "Black Gospel" sound and growing up there, I was able to hang around many of, who would become, today's top musicians from just being around the church culture. I tell people all the time: "there is no replacement for the skills you learn in the black church as a musician. Timing, harmony, theory, musicianship, showmanship, we learned all of those things in the Black Church." I can't think of any other venue where, as a nine-year-old kid, you can play weekly in front of hundreds of people at a professional level with other professional level musicians. 


Producer David Rogers In Studio
Producer David Rogers on stage

"My earliest memories all are centered around music" 

At the same time, while I was learning to play in church, I was going to school and playing in bands and orchestras receiving a classical education. Playing in marching bands and different ensembles taught me how to work with other musicians as a team, read music and most of all the importance of a practice regime. While in high school, I was allowed to score popular songs from the radio for the school marching band. This is when I realized my passion for musical arrangement and transcribing music. My high school also had music technology lab with stations that had keyboards hooked up to computers which is where I discovered recording technology and my love for audio engineering. 


Once I graduated from high school, I went directly to find a job in the music industry. I became an intern at a prominent recording studio where in exchange for getting clients coffee and sandwiches, I was able to watch the engineers record and mix records for various artists from around the Chicago area. Eventually, after "paying some dues", I was allowed to assist the engineers by setting up equipment before the recording sessions.

This led to me eventually learning to record clients myself as an engineer. 


In 1999, some friends who also recorded and produced music asked me about moving to Las Vegas, NV to set up a studio there and after a lot of thought, I decided to move. Upon arriving in Vegas, I went seeking employment at the popular studios in town. None were hiring engineers or producers but that search did eventually lead me into the path of former NFL superstar Randall Cunningham who was building a recording studio on the south end of town. While working at Randall's studio, I was able to meet and come in contact with many industry legends and icons. It also allowed me to solidify my position in Las Vegas as a producer and engineer.


Today, after nearly 25 years playing and recording music professionally, I feel like I have just begun to find my voice and rhythm in the music industry. I believe wholeheartedly that the best is truly yet to come!  

Producer David Roges With Bass
Artist's & Producers
I've worked with: 

• Maroon 5

• Teddy Riley 

• Keith Sweat 

• Tasha Cobbs

• LeeLee

• Kandi Burris

• Mya

• Ashanti

• Keyshia Cole

• Donell Jones 

• Carl Thomas

• Goapele 

• Eddie Griffin

• Lil Mo

• Just Brittany

• Tye Tribbett 

• Tione Watkins

• Zoltan Bathory

• 5 Finger Death Punch

* Bubba Knight

• Jimmy Klev

• Grace Gracie 

• Dj Miss Joy

• Dj Romina 

• Baby Bash

• KiKi Ireland 

• Glen Lewis 

• Aaron Spears 

• Tom Browne

• Ying Yang Twins



Companies, Organizations & 
Groups I've worked with: 

• Global Gaming Group 

• Benefactor Games

• Raster Media 

• Vegas Stats and Information Network VSIN (Sirius XM 204)

• Vivint Home Security

• PostLaunch

• Hope Church Las Vegas

* Amplified Worship

• Las Vegas Soul Festival 

• SoundCheck Rehearsals

• Rexair LLC (Rainbow Vacuums)

• VM Ware

• Dell Systems

• Warner Chappell Production Music

• The Masked Singer

• SANY America Industrial & Construction Equipment




TV & Film Placements
I've Had:

• Ellen Degeneres

• Cartoon Network 

• Bethany 

• Crime Watch Daily 

• DC All Access

• Extra The Entertainment Magazine 

• Girl Code

• Judge Mathis 

• Teen Titans GO



• VH1

• Twilight Zone JP

• Love & HipHop Hollywood

• Love & HipHop Miami

• Hollywood Exes

• Discovery Channel 

• Food Network 

• The Masked Singer

• The Jennifer Hudson Show 

• The Young and the Restless




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