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Piano Lessons: $35 - 30 minutes

Piano lessons start at age 5 and up given either at my personal studio or in the home. Piano lessons are typically 30 minute sessions once a week. I can teach " Pop Piano By Ear", "Jazz Piano"  or "Classical Piano Method". Pop piano by ear mainly focuses on the playing aspect with a more relaxed emphasis on music theory using today's popular songs as well as pop standards. Jazz piano is a heavy focus on chordal harmony and execution as well as improvisation. Classical piano focuses on learning to "sight read" sheet music and heavy music theory. If the lessons are given at the home, the student must provide the instrument. If the lessons are given at my personal studio, I will provide the instrument.     

Drum Lessons: $35 - 30 minutes

Drum lessons start at age 5 and up. Lessons are typically 30 minutes but special adjustments can be made depending on the situation. I can provide lessons either in the home or at my private studio. I teach "classical percussion method" and "basic to advanced drum set". Classical percussion mainly focuses on the study of drum rudiments and learning to read percussion music. This method is key for students participating in band and orchestra. Basic to advanced drum set focuses mainly on developing independence and timing behind the drum set with a minor focus on basic percussion music theory. For Classical Percussion, a snare drum or a drum pad, sticks and stand are a required purchase to begin. I can provide a comprehensive list when lessons begin. For drum set studies, a drum kit or drum kit pad will need to be provided if lessons are to be given outside of my personal studio.     

Guitar Lessons: $35 - 30 minutes

Guitar lessons begin at age 8 and up and can be given at my personal studio or in the home in 30 minute sessions. I typically teach acoustic and electric guitar by ear with a heavy pop emphasis using popular songs. Students must provide their own guitar and amplifier (if applicable). 

Electric Bass Lessons: $35 - 30 minutes

Bass lessons begin at age 8 and up and can be given either in my personal studio or in the home. I teach "Jazz Electric Bass" method

or "Contemporary Electric Bass". Jazz electric bass focuses heavily on sight-reading sheet music and improvisation. Contemporary electric bass focuses mainly on playing popular styles and songs while playing by ear. Student must provide their own electric bass and amplification.   

Music Production Lessons: $50 - 60 minutes

Music production lessons begin at age 12 and up. Each session is an hour long tutorial using premade/pre recorded stems and material in various digital audio workstation software. These lessons focus heavily on song arrangement, using soft-synths in production, drum programming, audio recording, mixing and mastering. These sessions are provided either in my personal studio or at the students studio. Student must provide their own laptop if sessions are in my personal studio.  

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