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Music Producer David Rogers

"I bring musical concepts to life using more than two decades of musical knowledge and experience."

Thank you for visiting my site. My name is David Rogers. I wear many hats from day-to-day but I mainly serve as a music producer, mixer, and audio engineer. Sometimes, I also do sound design when the job calls for it. I create original songs and instrumentals for recording artists and bands as well as music for TV, films, internet media and games from my studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have an interest in all kinds of musical styles and I have a passion for making musical concepts come to life.

From EDM, to Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues and everything in between I love to create all sorts of musical compositions and I'm blessed to do so with talented individuals from all over the planet!



Audio Services

From customized audio tracks, audio mixing, foley sound FX, voice-overs I can provide all sorts of audio services to help your project stand out and be amazing. ​


Nothing sets a song apart like a dope track! If you're going to compete with the industry guys, you have to have a sound that says: "you mean business". I can help you with that. 

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If you live in the Las Vegas area and you would like to learn the Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Percussion or you would like to learn how to produce your OWN music, contact me today to set up your lesson schedule! 

Hot New Beats 

You can now purchase any of my tracks directly from my beat store below!

My Sound

I'd like to consider myself a musical "chameleon" adapting to any musical setting or style. I don't have a "main" genre of music that I like to create. I'd rather bounce from style to style taking on the challenge of perfecting each style as I go. Even though music is my business, I consider music a lifelong pursuit so I want to be able to master as much of it as I can. If you take a listen to some of the examples of my work It will explain a lot better. 




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Let's Connect!

Are you ready to work with me on your next project? Tell me a little more about it here and let's get together! I love helping artists achieve their vision and I'm sure we can create something awesome together. 



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